Haselor Village

Haselor is a village in South Warwickshire, a couple of miles from Alcester and around 6 miles from Stratford-upon-Avon.

The local parish church,  St Mary and All Saints Church , is remote from the present houses, the old village having been demolished after an epidemic of plague!

 The present day Haselor church parish was formed from the amalgamation of the parishes of Upton and Haselor. Upon village green is situated next to the cottage.

The clock on the church tower was paid for by public subscription as a war memorial in thanksgiving for the end of World War 1. Tablets inside the porch form one public record of those who died in the two world wars.

The church is located on a hill and accessed by two footpaths, one from Walcote and the other from Haselor, on opposite sides.

The hamlet of Walcot lies about half a mile to the northeast, beyond the knoll on which the church stands.

The village has a primary school, Womens Institute and active amenities committee.

There are about sixteen buildings in the main village—roughly half the total number—with visible traces of 17th-century or earlier construction. Of these the most important are the manor-house, the manor farm, and Upton House.

The village stocks can be found between the manor-house and upton green.

The Arden way runs through the centre of the village, passing by the stocks and heading towards Haselor church. The Arden way is approx. 26 miles and is a circular route with an historic theme in the Forest of Arden passing through Henley in Arden, Alcester and Ullenhall .